NANOBOOKS Iconic texts reduced to a tiny tablet. Titanium letters printed with features as small as 80 nanometers on a stone tablet (pure silicon substrate). Our first project was an entire, readable version of the Quran, the holy book of Islam, in an 11 millimeter by 18 millimeter format. Untouched by human hands this [...]



The Bluefly Processor™ is the world’s first dedicated hardware security processor for USB devices and is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated. Unlike simple cryptographic flash memory controllers, Bluefly Processor™ supports advanced features such as multifactor user authentication, multiple device users via SafeShare™, hardware-based malware protection, industry-first NIST SP800-56A secure communication, and comprehensive PKI token [...]



NANOCLOTH Polypropylene cloth modified at the nanostructural level to make it hydrophyllic, hydrophobic, non-skid, etc. This process is a physical technique, does not involve chemicals, does not wear off and does not wash out. Are you looking for an environmentally friendly but incredibly effective custom cloth? If so, we should talk. contact us [...]