KOULEbot at the Council for Exceptional Children

KOULEbot is being presented at the CEC 2018 conference in Tampa Florida. KOULEbot is a spherical robot which can move autonomously and is instrumented with stereo sound, programmable lights, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and touch sensors for stimulating and monitoring children during play. KOULEbot can be controlled and monitored using WiFi and Bluetooth interfaces and comes with over 30 apps [...]

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CMC partners with Innotime for Interposer Technology

CMC Microsystems is collaborating with Innotime Technologies ( to develop design capability for a multi-technology interposer platform that will enable 2.5D integration of heterogeneous chip technologies in a compact physical form. Resulting prototypes will be amenable to laboratory testability as well as integration with other sub-systems and system prototyping resources (other hardware as well as [...]

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Welcome Frederick Kalinian

Frederick Kalinain joins Innotime as an R&D Engineer. Frederick recently completed a Bachelor's degree in Microelectronics at the University of Québec at Montréal (UQAM) and an internship in RF testing at Analog Devices in Ottawa. Frederick is already deep in the development of microelectronic systems for our customers. Need to reach him?

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JULY 30 2015

Université de Sherbrooke receive 33.5M$ from the Canada first research excellence fund to accelerate the development of quantum technologies.

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